Our Projects

In 2010, AAD built a wooden school where is taking about 90 kilometers from Siem Reap town. That area is a new village which is containing of over two hundred families who is meeting the bad condition of Education. The project purposes to help participate the government to improve education sector and improve the education for the people who are living in that area. As result, a two-room school building, a four-room restroom, a pumping well (Rovai) are being appeared in the middle of mountain under the generous funding of Margaret Dawban. The school is now containing of one hundred and seventy-one children and adults in two times a day.

In fact, it does not supply the needs of the people in that area. This village needs to be developed by any donors and charities. Social service does not reach that area closely. The villagers education is low and they make income less than two US dollars a day.

Angkor Association for the Disabled

They need the schools, health center and social services. They demand the development in all field of services. This village is containing 220 families. There are 450 people who are living in the village, and 38% of the total people are children who need the education. Therefore, AAD is providing the support for the process of the school building and educating from 2010 to 2011 and 2011 to 2012 by its donors. Meanwhile, AAD is looking for funding in the purpose of supporting this projects for long time to develop this area and improve the quality of lives of the people.